The Firm provides its clients with an integrated offer of legal services, ensuring them great flexibility and avant-garde working methods, thanks to continuous professional training based on the solid basis represented by the professional experiences acquired by its founders in other Italian leading law-firms.

The Firm provides comprehensive and timely assistance in any field of corporate law, as guaranteed by the specific expertise developed in this area by its professionals.

Such knowledge goes from assistance related to specific aspects of corporate governance and organization of complex corporate structures, to the choice of the best strategies aimed to develop the company or to downsize, protect or preserve the value of the company, to the specific assistance related to ordinary corporate matters, including at shareholders’ and board’s meetings.

Obviously, the advice offered by the Firm also includes the structuring and implementation (through the drafting of related documentation, such as the relevant regulation) of incentive plans of directors or employees, also in relation to more sophisticated incentive structures providing for the allocation of warrant or participatory financial instruments.


The Firm has consolidated experience in the field of extraordinary transactions, developed by its professionals through the assistance provided to leading institutional and industrial clients (also family shareholders), both Italian and foreign.

The professionals of the Firm have specific skills covering the entire life cycle of an M&A transaction, from negotiation of preliminary agreements (confidentially agreements, letters of intent, memorandum of understandings) until the completion of the transaction itself (c.d. closing), through the legal due diligence and drafting, negotiation and signing of binding contractual agreements. All such activities are done by using the most sophisticated and original working tools, useful for the best management of the various phases of the transaction.

The Firm therefore assists clients in the purchase (buy side) or sale (sell side) of shares, business concerns (or part of them), as well as in joint ventures, even when such transaction involves contributions, demergers, mergers, spin-offs serving to improve the fiscal and structural efficiency of the transaction itself.

The big experience of the Firm’s professionals in private equity transactions has allowed them to develop a lot of relationships and a wide network of contacts, ensuring that the Firm can be placed on the market as a privileged interlocutor for all entrepreneurs who see in private equity a useful tool to consolidate and expand their business activity, or a valid tool to monetize (in whole or in part) the created business value, guaranteeing them the possibility to maximize the value of the transaction and minimize the risks.

The skills in this field have also allowed the Firm to provide advice in relation to start-up projects since the early stage and guaranteeing competence and experience throughout the life of the project, that is, from the choice and incorporation of the company vehicle, the management of governance profiles and shareholders’ economic rights, with particular regard for safeguarding the value of the Founders’ investment in opening the share capital to third parties, during the various investment rounds.


The Firm can give the best advice on every kind of trade agreement: from difficult cases outside of clients’ normal commercial experience to ordinary transactions, for example sale and purchase agreements related to machineries, national and international distribution agreements (agency, distribution, franchising agreements), tender agreements, rent (corporate rent and commercial leases) as well as financial agreements (factoring and finance and operating leases, for example).

The Firm also offers the possibility of analyzing and reviewing existing agreements in order to help clients understand – initially at manageable costs – the added value that its professionals can offer for profit growth and risk reduction. All the above thanks to the extensive experience acquired during years of managing due diligence procedures for M&A deals and related domestic and international disputes that has enabled the professionals to develop their expertise in the main industrial sectors (manufacturing, real estate, information technology, communication, for example) as well as in insurance and pharmaceutical sectors.

All the professionals of the Firm are practiced at working alongside in-house counsel and the people who handle contractual relations (purchasing departments, sales departments, site managers, etc.) of the main Italian companies. So, they are fully aware of clients’ needs for simplification and achieving the result.


The Firm provides its clients with assistance in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution during every phase and step, starting from the pre-litigation phase – working to avoid the dispute through the advice of the best strategies that may allow clients to reach an amicable resolution – until the complete definition of the procedure, following the clients during the management of various types of disputes, including the urgent ones, concerning civil and corporate law.

Particularly, the Firm deals with the management of corporate disputes, including the ones concerning the liability of management and supervisory bodies, and proceedings related to the most traditional sectors of civil and commercial law, mainly in the area of tender (both private and public), business lease, sale and purchase agreements.

The lawyers of the Firm have also acquired a solid experience in areas such as banking, insurance, civil liability matters (particularly medical malpractice), as well as credit recovery activities for banks, financial institutions and big companies, making themselves appreciated for the high-quality, fast and competitive price services offered.

The Firm also assists companies called to account for wrongful acts made in breach of Legislative Decree n. 231/2001, as well as directors, officers and employees of both public and private entities in relation to criminal and administrative offences arising during the performance of their duties.


The lawyers of the Firm have gained specific knowledge in finding and setting up the most suitable instruments to implement asset protection from any third-party claim arising from risks of exposure to personal liability, such as professional liability.

In addition, the Firm provides specific consultancy in the framework of intergenerational transfer, setting the most functional instruments for the transmission of the entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial assets (trusts, family-owned holding companies, family business agreements, donations, amendments to the bylaws) and taking obviously into consideration also the tax point of view.

In this regard, thanks to the synergic collaboration with some of the best accountants and tax consultants who have base in the territory (and more), the Firm provides a comprehensive consultancy by acting as a single interlocutor for clients interested in intergenerational transfers. And this one is an element of no-small importance in field of wealth management, characterized by specific privacy needs.